The Wild Ba'Neesh

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The Wild Ba'Neesh
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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2019


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Sneak Preview of Chapter One
Gamer Mick Huxley, is right in the middle of a seriously important online game when he interrupts his regular cursing to yell out for help killing the monster. Help arrives in the form of a blue Ba'Neesh apparition named Kiena. She decides she doesn't like his game and she proceeds to blow out the electrical system of not only his residential block, but his neighborhood, area of the city and a substantial part of the downtown area as well. While his entire new wall-screen dies a stinky electronic death, he is thrust into the role of an instant terrorist because Kiena is safely dead. He runs.
Escape with a Wild Ba'Neesh tagging along and forcing him to do things, is anything but fun or easy. She forces him to slice open his arm to remove the locator device used to keep an eye on world citizens, and then the bad guys show up and the chase is really on. To discover the rest of the story I invite you to read it.
PROLOGUE [Stuff you might want to remember later!]
Kiena wakened to find herself alone in a field of dead humans. It wasn't the worst scenario she could imagine and she had plenty of time to imagine. With no Beloved nearby she quickly became bored so she began sampling the meager offerings of the human dead. Their lives, what little their afterselves could describe, were usually tightly structured and filled with emotional angst. Normally, Kiena would have moved on quickly but she was stuck in the neighborhood.
As expected, she could remember little of her own most recent life's final days. Usually nearby Beloved would fill her in and together they would use the shared memory to construct a clear understanding of what had happened. Absent any help, she was left to wonder about exactly why she was buried in isolation. It had to be intentional. It suggested she had exceeded even Ba'Neesh tolerances for trouble-making. Not a bad trophy although she couldn't really enjoy the fullness of it without real details. The only thing to do was to seek out others who would know, that meant getting out of the graveyard and that required an embodied Soek.
To locate a Soek required power and with little Vrill available Kiena was forced to consider what resources she did have, the human dead. Of course, she also had the ambient energy of the planet and particularly its trees. She liked trees and trees liked her. It was logical to foster this mutual admiration by working her Vrill to channel the human's bioenergetics into the roothairs of nearby trees. This bonus of enriched energy allowed the trees to flourish and it strengthened the relationship she had with the trees. The trees, for their part, learned to process the human energy gifts into a form closer to Vrill, returning this neo-Vrill composite to Kiena, allowing her to gain strength in the process. It was a win-win.
As she grew stronger her range increased and after a few decades she found a Soek. The rest, as they say, is history or herstory.


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