I Picked Up a Black Card & Became the Ruler of the Underworld?!

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I Picked Up a Black Card & Became the Ruler of the Underworld?!
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Author: Natpishy
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 14
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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Yato is a normal yet troubled university student on his final year who has the fervent belief that "Money can buy everything in this world, even love". But of course Yato himself doesn't have that kind of money to back up that claim, as it remains to be one of his gripes with the unfairness of reality.
One night as he leaves later than usual from campus, Yato finds a strange object on the ground-- a black card with just the single number [9] written in reverse. When he inserts it into an ATM out of mischief, Yato realizes to his surprise that the black card functions as a cash card! And displayed on the balance of that card is a sum beyond his wildest imagination.
(You're... kidding me, right?)That string of digits on the screen---- [$999,999,999,999] glittered in gold, reflecting the emotionless look on his face. This card of unknown origins... no, whatever it is, Yato prayed that whatever that would surely come after him in search of it, wouldn't do something crazy like take his life right? After all, he had not even spent a single cent from that card yet!
[Balance: $999,999,997,510]
"...Haha... So how do you put money back in this thing?"

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