Recreating The Ashes of Time

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Year started: 2019


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In some point of our life we plan ahead for our future.. what we will do and accomplish but what if suddenly all of that vanished into thin air?
Like suddenly a war erupts and broke your dreams and future plans?
Or even ending your life once in for all without accomplishing a single goal?
What if after years of painstakingly struggled to build your path then it was ultimately crushed?
Of course we would regret it right?
We will be full of despair and disappointment as if the heaven fell upon us but what if suddenly heaven gave you a second chance?
A chance to fulfill your goals?
Meet Kenda a youth who struggled to study ultimately taking on various of part time job and works to suffice his needs sacrificing his time to build his future when suddenly something ceased his advance taking him into despair and finally shattering his dreams and goals.
Years of sacrifice finished in an instant.. but hope reappeared!
He got a second chance to live his life to the fullest!
But 1st he got to start again from scratch! What will he do next?
Will he accomplish his goals for this new life or is he gonna stumble and fall?
What awaits him is mystery as he got reincarnated on a different world!
With different kinds of people, culture and civilization!
A new world without technology that became a reality for him! Worlds that can only exist in novels and theories of parallel universe have been placed right under his nose!
Now his path have been anewed and a new chapter of his life have been placed! Now it’s his turn to write his own pace.


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