Silvergates book 1: Northworld

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Silvergates book 1: Northworld
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Status: Ongoing
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Year started: 2019


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Five years ago, the first Silversphere was found. Since then, more and more people have entered the alternative dimension called Northworld, being fitted with the Interface, and going on to real adventures. First, they called it a hoax. Then they called it a problem. Now, they call it a crime. But for nearly a million people, it's now their real home.
The reason to go are many. Yearning. Escape. Duty. But go they do.
For Jasper Hill, for Erika Haglund, for Henry Esteban, Northworld has surprises in store. Because five years are not enough to understand a world. And Northworld is anything but tame. Unraveling its mysteries may be the difference between life and death. Or at least life and being an exiled mundane criminal on Earth.

Northworld is a litrpg story where people enter an actual world, submit to a RPG-type Interface, and discover an alternate reality. You could describe it as a reversable Isekai, since people have still the option to go back. If they can tolerate the normal world.
The characters are usual casual about it, which means casual talk and the not-infrequent profanity. Four letter words dropped in conversation (or internal monologue).
Updates should be weekly/twice weekly.


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