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December 23rd 2019 Shin Gaming Corporation released an advertisement and Randell Hall, The Protagonist of this Story, was miraculously picked over many applicants that tried to be a [Beta-Tester] of the upcoming VRMMORPG game [Arkandia]. He then creates the character named [Ryo Shikigami""] incorporating his features and for some reason have given him a body of a fourteen year old and enters the game nonetheless. After entering the game the admins announced the advancement quest to proceed into the main game though only after a month has passed. He roamed through the area searching for the quest dungeon only to end in failure until he encounters an old man, an NPC, who was working at an old mine shaft and tells him a location where he ventured during his adventuring days. Meeting strangers who after a while have become friends finished the advancement quest and are certified to participate into the [Original Beta Testers]. However, after all his friends logs out something happened and thus the question was asked ""What would you do if the ""game"" turned into ""reality""?" Follow Ryo's Adventures as Nikki reads through all Ryo's(?)Adventure Logs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On another note: Log 3 had been scrapped and regular posts will be back in three weeks! -------------------------------- I'm writing this on my free time, also I'm gonna update the website as well so it matches the chapter here... Everyone who is reading this story thank you very much and hope that you guys will still read in the near future


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