The Broken World

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Status: Ongoing
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Language: English
Year started: 2019


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"This world is as much the end of us, as it is the beginning of something completely new." - Unkown
"My dear colleagues, esteemed thaumaturges and students, for over three thousand years we have endured the superstition of religious men, praying to so called gods, and calling us heretics. But today I am proud to tell you no more, because I will prove to all of you that these gods are nothing more than men with too much power!" This opening to a speech of the powerful Magi Suralzar are chiselled into the front gates of the greatest Thaumaturgical University of its time, for they have led to the most horrible and devastating catastrophe in human history. Now almost one-hundred years later the remnants of this world are thrown into another calamity, as the Sibalien Empire, led by Emperor Angus Bloomest the Third, seeks to subjugate each and every other nation for their almighty god.

Follow a myriad of distinct individuals, each with their own desires and motives, as they try to survive in these troubling times. They may have no knowledge of each other but their fates are about to intertwine in an epic world spanning adventure of love, hate, magic and the occasional murder.


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