The Protector

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Author: tiaanp
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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Elves have been living for thousands of years. Thus far they have only had one queen. She is still reigning after almost 10?000 years. The Elves have a duty to protect and take care of the world tree. The duty was passed down from their creator directly to the Elven queen. With this purpose the Elven kingdom was born. A 1000 years after the creation of the kingdom the primitive kingdom of man came to be. Peace reigned for another Three thousand years until the power hungry Humans made war on the elves wanting to get their hands on the power of the world tree. This would give the humans powers that would shoot them to the top of the food chain.
The war raged 500 years and the elves dominated the humans in every battle. Though every elf that was killed was a big loss as they had a very low birth rate. Thus the elves retreated completely into their forest. They had an exceptional ability to fight in the forest, and the forest, to the dismay of the humans, fought with the Elves.
A relatively peaceful era came to pass. The elves did not allow the humans in their forests and they also very rarely left them. The humans tried to establish communication with the elves by building towns close to the forests. But these towns also had an appalling second purpose, they dealt in slaves, and Elven slaves were the most sought after in the entire world as they are exceedingly rare and once enslaved, will be slaves forever.
The story follows an enslaved Elven girl and her Master, their journeys will take them across the globe with many meetings and partings of different people.

I am very new at writing, so please excuse my grammar spelling and lame jokes. I am still building on this story so may change some parts to have it fit in with my general idea. So read and enjoy, or not.


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