And You Thought Your World Was Harsh! Vol. 1

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And You Thought Your World Was Harsh! Vol. 1
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Author: KlaashD
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 58
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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Take everything that you know about this world. Now turn it upside down.
Welcome to Harshtown, United States Inc., where everyone things life is swell, and society is a utopian paradise-a world where people are run over and punished for it; where opposing junior football teams beat each other up in a bid to win; where policement arrest innocent men- where saints are sinners and sinners are saints.
Set in this dystopian reality, readers are presented with the interlinking stories of some of Harshtown's key players, which deftly paints a portrait of a society in ruin-a society that isn't too far off from our own. Many of Harshtown's citizens want to help, while others want to remain neutral-and others believe every moment is an opportunity for exploitation. A story within several stories, readers are able to look through a fictional lens to discover and explore many of the current issues and controversies we face today.
And You Thought Your World Was Harsh is a satire on the nature of our current society-and the potential absolute devastation we're capable of creating for ourselves if no one takes a stand and figureso ut a better way.


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