New Age (cont)

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Author: Quix-Anvil
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 4
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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This started out as the property of my old account ( Apollo135). but I wanted to continue my story under a new name as I lost the information for the old account but wanted to continue the story under a different account name the first 3 chapters are here
The Royal Road has been conquered, the new emperor, now C.E.O of Unicorn Corporation weed, Lee Hyun, aka the sculptor, has completed the game. After unifying the continent under his control, using skill, perseverance, and greed for money, the game has ended leaving many empty after their own epic tales suddenly concluded. After ten years and many trending VR (virtual reality) games claiming to be the next royal road and it finally happened… the heir to the legacy has appeared. Men and women alike have been summoned to the call of the unicorn corporation’s release of a new game. For these people there is no more sitting on the sidelines improving the real world and virtual reality. Setting the flame of gamers set on whatever path they claw out in the world to form the strongest warrior, to a merge crushing an army, a merchant with a towers of gold, even a man becoming a demon king laying waste to all. All is possible in these new times. A new goal that sets millions to fight and dream a NEW ARC weed himself has only released one line for this game to the public “pave your destiny”. It is only for those who can shake the heavens in fear that may stand the test the world throws at them


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