Feathers Of Legacy

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Feathers Of Legacy
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Author: Nie Isana
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 2
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 10122
Rank by popularity: 16125
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Vampires are mystical creatures who suddenly shown up after a huge world war. they form as human but they suck blood and often killed their prey. they are strong and have unlimited lifespans. because of their existence, the human being was on the verge of dying. to maintain the balance, God creates Demi-gods, also called as Wingless Angel. they are the chosen human who ascended and have the ability to demolish the Vampires races.
Ira Tiki is one of the Demi-gods that always have bad lucks. she was chased by bandits and saved by a vampire. Ira decide to let this go but suddenly she was bitten by him. to her demised, her power was sealed and she can't ascend nor seeking help as she has no power to do so.
She must accept this, she must do something to survive. and the table always turns as she and her new companion embracing her adventure.
what will become of her in this human realm? is she will become the fallen angel or she is not giving up? why the vampire didn't kill her but help her instead?
Story and Cover originally by NIE
Note: This is a story inspired after I played an RPG-games; Nocturne Rebirth that has been translated in English by Eplipswich in RMN. not a fanfiction though.


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