Android Loli Protects the Fantasy World.

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Android Loli Protects the Fantasy World.
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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 4
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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A world of Fantasy Monsters are created to fight and people are guarded by Knights of a King or By a Guild created from someone who had gotten a Parten from a King or from another Kingdom however not All Guild's are good at fighting Large Or Giant Monsters and S rank which is the highest Ranking a Guild Member can get from doing High feets such as Kill a Dragon or Kill a Frost Troll King however they Still Struggle to Kill these Monsters.Someone in a Hidden Base a Scientist was creating an Android to Kill these Beasts and Monsters and protect People from Large town Level Threats to Planetary threats however Upgrades will take time for her Android to Kill High-Level threats and so she was done A 3ft8 Android with Long Red Hair, Blue Eyes and Smooth White Skin and A Skeleton made out of Enchanted Steel and So Many weapons are installed in her body to use to fight these Monsters and her Name is Metal Maria and she has free will and her own Personality so she can choose to do Actions and protect people and so Maria goes out on an Adventure meeting new people and protect the People.


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