Creativity Can Fix Things

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Creativity Can Fix Things
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Author: Harold
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 6
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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Meet Alex.Alex is like anyone, really, he just didn't know.He is an artist, a musician, tried to paint, every one of his friends knows him for his drawings.
Meet truck.Truck is like every other truck, and everyone knows what a good truck does. It sends people to a new fantasy world.That or the author is just imagining this whole story and creating things out of his butt.
Point being, trucks send people to alternate dimensions.
The caveat is that Alex is creative, didn't fit into society like everyone else, but, as he would say, he is 'defective'.When he finally figured it out and was ready to fix his shit he had the most gruesome encounter with Mr. Truck.

And now we are here, enjoy it.

Looking for an editor!!!
I'm writing this in an attempt to put a comedic feeling into something many people go trough: finding their place, fitting into society, adjusting to responsibilities and facing their problems.
It's not really "WOW, HE MADE SOMETHING NEW!", but is more like "Heh, look at dumb ass doing shit... Oh... Hey, I do that too!"
So feel free to read at your own risk. Don't know if it will be sporadic, regular or what. For now, it's a creative spur that needed a valve to release and. Here. We. Are.


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