Until Dead or Useful

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Status: Ongoing
Releases: 6
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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A leading scientist is betrayed in a future where human lives are valued more as test subjects. Our protagonist is sentenced to experimentation until he is either dead or useful as he stands accused of plagiarism, a heinous crime in a world ruled by intellectuals and scientists. His luck takes a turn when he gains power from his inventions and that of his coworkers, at the cost of some of his sanity.
The coworkers at his lab force him into a cryogenics capsule, after using him in his brain addled state, in the hopes that he will become useful at a later time but later turns out to be far longer than any of his coworkers would have lived to see.
He awakes, his memories fragmented, to a world where the science he helped to further and what led to his near death is worshipped as a mysterious force of magic and the cruel experiments he was once subjected to are blessings to the select few that survive or do not get turned into monsters.
“Rex, I think, will be my name, from a language that should by all rights have been dead and lost to the passage of time, even when I was a kid. Quite fitting for one such as I.”


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