Another Day, Another Quest

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Another Day, Another Quest
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Author: Evalynn
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 8
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 10019
Rank by popularity: 18829
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Lifetimes ago, a young woman named Vin was summoned from another world to defeat a Demon Lord and the Great Calamity that birthed him. After successfully saving that world by subduing the Demon Lord, she lived out her life there as a celebrated Hero. At her death, the Pantheon, a collection of all of the patron deities of all the many worlds, offered her a place among them. She accepted and thus, she created her own world to watch and protect, and named it Xael.
Xael, a world of magic and swords, flourished for centuries, but now... Now, there are signs of a Great Calamity approaching, much like the one that caused her to be pulled her away from her father and sisters so many years before. Unwilling to see her world fall, Goddess Yvinne decides to do the one thing that she can to save her creation, and even herself. Summon a Hero from another world.
However, the Summoning did not work quite correctly, and the "Hero" she got? Well...let's just say he's not exactly what she hoped for.
This is a story of a nobody becoming somebody, and a goddess remembering what it was like to be a human.


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