This.. Has to end somewhere..... Right?

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This.. Has to end somewhere..... Right?
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Author: Koashi
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 3
Language: English
Year started: 2019


Rating: -
Rank by rating: 10014
Rank by popularity: 3141
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Sasu has left the barrier and with two lady friends. Or are they just friends? When the world erupts in an apocalypse who can tell?
-Modern day apocalyptic world with fantasy setting. The one who set this up is Sasu ... Or that is what he believes. Just who is behind the scenes and why the bell are all these egg, lava, quick sands and 100% Armageddon traps just within arms reach.
"Just let me Live as I please!!" Exclaims Sasu
"But you have the most power out of us all!"
"How the duck was this guy given power and now he acts like a lazy big shot" Sneakily presses a button sending off a signal faraway. "I hate Lazy asses who do nothing while profiting off of people who do all the real work!"
Just as the words left the guys mouth a muffled sound was heard and glass was shattered.
"Yea!!!! We got em'" the guy paraded victoriously.
The figure which was presumed dead merely sat on a huge chair, a bored expression plastered on his countenance.
"Silencer on an automatic rifle.." The figure said slowly. "Tell me why the marksman only fired once?"
The crowd of a great number of people were left astonished, faces instantly paled. They were surprised. The awe and fear quickly came, Because, actually the bullet merely sunk into the chair behind the man who simple shifted in his seat. A trail of smoke was left from were the bullet impacted.
"Yea I kinda hate this too. Why am I looking after ungrateful people like you?" The figure that was Sasu said matter of factly, as he retained a bored voice. "Everyone tell that marksman hes fired." Sasu said and closed his eyes slowly only for the two elfs girls and others to giggle and laugh behind him. 'This is why I should have stayed in Otherworld' thought Sasu tiredly.


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