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Year started: 2019


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In the year 2054, a previously unknown company called Cloudgate released Dive Capsules which allowed for full immersion in VRMMORPGs even while sleeping. Then, only a year later, they released their own VRMMORPG called Pathwalkers. The closed beta quickly took the world by storm. Streamers playing the game skyrocketed to fame and fortune. People called it a miracle of technology. The AI system was beyond anything anyone could imagine, and the media began calling it the Second Earth since most of the world’s population pre-ordered copies of the full release of the game even if they had to break their wallets to do so.
Now, one week before the release of the game, Owen Watts finds himself in the world of Pathwalkers wearing naught but his boxer briefs. Even so, he immediately receives a quest to become a Pathfinder, an existence in the game’s lore said to open the paths between worlds. From there, his struggle to reach that nearly impossible goal begins.
Author Note: For a while, I forgot the most important thing about writing fiction. I forgot to enjoy the journey. Forcing myself to write not because I enjoyed it but instead to get a high from views and exposure pulled me into a ditch I couldn't escape from. As a means of finding the journey of writing enjoyable again, I started writing this story. It might not be perfect. It might have issues you can't stand. However, I'm posting this story for me. If others find the journey enjoyable too, cool. If not, cool. No water off my back. Anyway, I think I got off my chest what I wanted to say. Don't expect too much from this. It's just a story.


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