Sector 27

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Sector 27
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Author: Studio_Uyu
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 31
Language: English
Year started: 2017


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It wasn't until June 3, 2101 that World War 4 ended. This was not a war that ended in peace treaties or truces; this war ended with disease. The atomic war caused plague and disease that crippled major countries. The generals and great leaders of the countries at war died from the radiation that penetrated every part of the globe. It was only then that humanity realized what they had done- what they had created. The first ever mutant was publicly executed the very day the war ended, and a new war began: the war against mutants.

The surviving nation of Japan quickly rebuilt their country by dividing it into safe zones, or Sectors. There are currently 26 livable sectors in Japan; Sector 1 is the richest sector and the only sector that has completely rid itself of all radiation left over from the war. In fear against the threat of mutants, the once small section of the police force grew until it became the main police force in Japan. After all, humans shouldn't be blamed for crimes when the real threat to society is mutants. This police force that goes by their motto: Special Treatment Against Mutants (STAM) is comprised of agents that go about their work to capture and detain all mutants. Sector 26 is the poorest sector that humans can barely survive in; but there is one more part of Japan. This "dead zone" has such a high concentration of radiation that if a human were to step inside the barrier, they would die in mere moments. But within this dead zone, this 27th Sector, there lies a secret organization of mutants that fight against STAM and protect all mutants from their grasp. The Mutant Recovery and Protection Agency (MRPA) operates to hide mutants in society and allow them to live human lives. The only thing that stands in MRPA's way is STAM and its agents who hunt them down ruthlessly, so MRPA has their own set of skilled agents. And the battle rages on...


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