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Author: Zono
Status: Ongoing
Releases: 9
Language: English
Year started: 2019


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One born of nothingness.
A world born of everything.
To return all to nothing.
Or surrender to everything.

[First 5 chapters will be released 6/27/19 morning as to create something other than a prologue for readers. This message will be deleted after.]

Author here! This is my 3rd story on RoyalRoad, the other two having long since been dropped years ago. They were a mess of ideas and had no real substanence to them, leading me to begin hating writing them and eventually just stop writing altogether for about a year and a half.
Finally, after reading hundreds of thousands of pages of novels, from low fantasy to sci-fi litrpg's to thousands of pages long xianxias, I finally feel ready to write a real story that isn't a cesspool of ideas blended together. I plan to see this out to the end, as I already have the first few major arcs planned out unlike my other stories where I thought of ideas as I wrote.
This story takes place in a world with a litrpg system, as per tags. This isn't a VRMMO or Reincarnation story. The main character exists in and is from said world. There are some differences from other litrpg's which will be explained in author notes in the few few chapters.
I plan to publich 6-7 chapters a week, each 2-3k words long. If i fail to do so I will create a back-log I have to eventually make up but as of writing this it's the summer for me so I'll have plenty of time to write.
Enjoy, and welcome to the world of Aeternalis.


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